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Online therapy is a simple and anonymous way how to connect with certified therapist. Whether you are dealing with something specific, or you just want to work on your wellbeing. - Online terapie - Online terapie

We have with these issues

For whatever is bothering you, if you have no one to talk to, therapist is someone you can always turn to with confidence. Therapist is discreet at all times and will never judge you. Therapist job is to listen carefully to you and guide you on the path to self-discovery through well-targeted questions.

How does it work

Create your account - you need e‑mail and few clicks.

Choose your therapist, or we  assist you with selection.

All sessions take place within the app through secured platform.

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Certified therapists

We know all therapists on the platform personally. All of them are vetted and must meet our quality standards which are based on their education, length of practice and past experience. The requirements that therapists must meet are based on the criteria of professional organizations in Czech Republic or European Union, such as the Czech Association for Psychotherapy or the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Easy selection

By filling out short questionnaire during sign up we can recommend you 3 therapists that are most suitable for the topics that are important for you. Or you can choose on your own by looking at the profiles of each therapist and finding one that you prefer. In case you aren't satisfied, we will refund you.

Secured platform

Therapy can get very personal. We can relate from our own experience. We take this issue very seriously. Thus your therapy will take place on secured platform that we have built. Everything that will be said between you and your therapist stays between you and no one will access it.

Building trust

Do you feel that you online therapy is impersonal? Trust and feeling of real connection are one of our top priorities. Because of that, the relationship you build in therapy does not end with conclusion of session. You can communicate with your therapist in-between the sessions as well.

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Who we are

We all have our own experience of how much therapy can improve a person's life.

Our goal is to make therapy a normal thing accessible to everyone, without unnecessary hussle.

That's why we founded, a therapy platform that doesn't require you to go anywhere.